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Hospice Sunflower Days
Friday 7th & Saturday 8th June 2024.

Keep their memory bright and support Hospice Sunflower Days.

Dedicate a virtual sunflower in memory of your loved one in our Virtual Sunflower Garden, an online space where we can remember together.

Every euro raised locally, stays locally. That means your donation will go directly to your local hospice so that they can continue to provide person-centred, holistic, loving care to our patients and their loved ones.

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Sponsor a Sunflower

How it works

  1. Click the ‘Sponsor a Sunflower’ button at the top of the page
  2. Complete the form and dedicate a message in memory of your loved one
  3. Donate to your local hospice
  4. Once completed, you will receive an email containing your virtual sunflower and your personalised dedication message
  5. If you wish, you can share your dedication with friends and family by selecting one of the share options
  6. Click on the map icons to see how many sunflowers have been sponsored for your local hospice this year

Hospice Sunflower Fun Day

How it works:

  1.  Click the ‘Register our School’ button at the bottom of this section.
  2.  Complete the form making sure to select which hospice you would like to hold your fun day for.
  3.  Once completed, your registration will go directly to your chosen hospice’s fundraising team, and they will be in touch to organise getting sunflower seeds to your school.
  4.  You will receive an email with a link to your downloadable pack which holds lots of information on how to make the most of your Fun Day.
  5.  Pick a day in June to hold your Fun Day and  inform the staff, students and parents of your chosen date.
  6.  All proceeds raised from the day can be sent back to your chosen hospice via bank transfer, cheque, donation link online or simply contact the fundraising team of your hospice to organise drop-off.
  7.  Share snaps from your Fun Day on social media using the #sunflowerday #togetherforhospice
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Your local hospice needs your support

Together for Hospice represents 26 hospice and specialist palliative care providers nationwide and exists to support and enable these frontline services to fundraise collectively at a national level.

Our annual on-street collection, Hospice Sunflower Days, will be taking place once again on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th June 2023. Volunteers all over the country will take to the streets in towns and villages to raise funds for their local hospice. Funds raised through the on-street collection and via our virtual sunflower garden will go directly to your chosen hospice service.

Hospices nationwide need to raise approximately €20million each year, with existing voluntary hospices receiving differing levels of state funding ranging from 58% state funded up to 90%. Some homecare services receive no state funding. Despite this, demand for services continues to grow and in 2018 Hospice and specialist palliative homecare providers across Ireland cared for approximately 15,000 patients and made over 70,000 homecare visits.
We are incredibly grateful to families and communities across Ireland for all donations, small or large.

Together we remember Sunflower Days

Together for Hospice represents 26 hospices nationwide